Bharatiya Sanskriti Darshan Trust

As the name suggests, the Trust was established for the preaching and propagation of the ancient Indian traditional sciences, arts and culture. The Logo of the Trust was designed by Maharaj himself and so were the different units and activities. The seeds which Maharaj planted with his own hands nurtured and cared have today grown into huge trees.
Maharaj donated an expensive land to the Trust and named it as ‘Vishwa Shanti Dham’ which clearly signifies its importance.

The various units in the serene campus of Vishwa Shanti Dham are –

  1. Sadguru Prabhakar Sardeshmukh Maharaj Devsthan
    It consists of the main Sanctum (Garbhagruha) having the ‘Gurusthan’ and ‘Samadhi’ of Revered Sardeshmukh Maharaj. The main temple construction, is in progress. There is a Math having the ‘Peetham’ in it. Various temples of different deities from different provinces of India have been planned by Maharaj.
    Proposed activities and units also include a traditional priest school (Vedapath Shala), Yadnya Shala (for Homam), different Auditoriums (Mandapams), Prasad Kaksha, Bhakta Nivasa, Library (Granthalaya) for various ancient and traditional texts.
  2. Ayurved college – To preach and propagate authentic Ayurveda Knowledge.
  3. Ayurved Hospital and Research Centre – To promote well being and to treat various ailments by Ayurveda.
  4. Integrated Cancer Treatment and Research Centre – Rendering Ayurveda along with modern diagnostics & medicinal treatment under one roof.
  5. Panchakarma Centre for Cancer Hospital.
  6. Sanjeevani Medicinal plantation and Agro. to cultivate various herbs and for organic farming of different vegetables & fruits.